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The DNB1168 is a single Li-ion cell supervisor (Linx) IC that provides electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for each individual cell or a group of cells in parallel.


The Light position controller is a monolithic integrated circuit intended to be used in passenger cars.

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In pure electric vehicles, the power battery pack is the only power source of the vehicle, and the power of the power battery pack determines the driving range of the electric vehicle.


The downline detection of the cell needs to monitor the consistency of the cell and the performance indicators of the cell by means of equipment, including internal resistance, voltage and capacity detection.


Solar system components absorb sunlight, and the direct current generated is converted into alternating current through the inverter, which is stored in the energy storage unit for daily use.


For plant upgrades, industrial DC backup power can be used to handle peaks without scaling up the distribution chain. The energy storage system provides backup power in case of power shortage.

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Live: DNB1168 -- Single cell battery management System chip solution

Function overview of single cell monitoring chip DNB1168

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