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  • DNS battery management system scheme -- in-depth application of cell EIS parameters


    DNS battery management system scheme -- in-depth application of cell EIS parameters

  • Single-Cell-Monitoring IC – EIS function(1)


    EIS (AC impedance spectroscopy) is the core function of battery management (BMS) chip of Datang NXP semiconductor company, which is different from traditional chip. EIS is closely related to various states of the cell, including cell temperature, cell power, cell aging degree and cell anomaly prediction. As a new function of BMS, EIS is widely used. At the same time, it also makes some high-end applications in this field possible. The industry began to pay extensive attention to this chip and EIS. In this issue, we will explain in detail the application of EIS in BMS system.

  • Live: DNB1168 -- Single cell battery management System chip solution


    Function overview of single cell monitoring chip DNB1168

  • Live: New energy lithium cell battery management scheme with impedance detection function


    This seminar will introduce Datang NXP Semiconductors's single cell based battery management solution:
    - This solution can bring customers more accurate temperature and voltage sampling;
    - Additional impedance detection function provided to customers to escort the safety of new energy vehicle power battery;
    - The battery management chip DNB1168 in this solution, its core components are 100% domestic, the chip is integrated with the ac impedance monitoring of the cell, the chip is integrated with the temperature sensor, and the circuit of the highest safety level ASIL-D.